Varied and Vibrant Business Opportunity

Free enterprise and entrepreneurship are alive and well in Tennessee. This is no more evident than in the Crossville – Cumberland County area. We have what growing companies need to succeed. View our business landscape, and you will see industry, transportation, technology, and research companies that conduct business nationally and around the world.

Explore Crossville to find a well-trained workforce, natural resources, and funding assistance for your company. Natural beauty, economic diversity, and access to I-40 and I-75 allow Crossville to attract quality employers.

"Our Chamber of Commerce, with the leadership of the City and County governments, is ready to offer a wide range of support and resources, everything from demographics to specific infrastructure improvements".

Ethan Hadley

Cumberland County’s steady and well-planned growth is attributed to the spirit of cooperation native to this area. This traditionally diversified manufacturing segment of the local economy remains vigorous while strong efforts to enhance the county’s industrial and commercial base are continued.

The positive business climate and the cooperative spirit of its workforce attract many companies to the area. They include Aviagen North America, Dana Corporation, Crossville, Inc., Durable Products, Flowers Bakery of Crossville, Lhoist North America, Royal Oak Enterprises, StonePeak, Manchester Tank, Mizkan Americas, Inc., and CoLinx.

Business and manufacturing provide a healthy economic base in Cumberland County. The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce estimate for 2015 in the Cumberland County area for non-farm wage and salary employment averaged 15,440. Of that number, 2,430 were employed in manufacturing establishments. The total employment of county residents is estimated to be 22,340 in 2019. 

A variety of companies are located throughout the county producing apparel, automotive equipment, bakery goods, ceramic tile, stone and wood products, charcoal, and rubber products. This diversity contributes to the median household income of $41,767 (2019*).

The diversified industrial base “which will continue to expand in the future” is but one more reason for Cumberland County’s well-deserved reputation as the Heart of the Plateau.

Source: ESRI