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Crossville-Cumberland County Visitor Center, Gateway to the Big South Fork, is located at 176 River Otter Drive, on I-40, just off Cook Road. Adjacent from Stone Memorial High School. Each year the Center averages over 5,000 visitors during the tourist season which runs April thru October. These visitors have been from almost all 50 states as well as many international visitors. A few of the international countries include Australia, New Zealand, Greece, the United Kingdom, Finland, Egypt, Columbia, Poland, and Germany.

Crossville-Cumberland County Visitor Center, Gateway to the Big South Fork, was named to include all that are involved and see the importance of tourism to our area. The building was built with a Federal Grant because of the affiliation with the National Park. The City of Crossville and Cumberland County fund the day-to-day operation of the center.

The Visitor Center is the “Information Destination” because of the number of resources available for our visitors as well as locals looking for new and different activities. The Center currently has informational brochures on over 160 different places to eat, stay and play in the area. These are all located in Crossville, Cumberland County, Big South Fork, and a neighboring regional vicinity.

Make sure to visit the Gift Shop where you will find books and maps of the area, souvenirs, as well as gift items and postcards.

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The Crossville-Cumberland County Visitor Center also promotes programs on a variety of local subjects. We partner with the Big South Fork and the Obed Wild and Scenic National Parks on these events. The well-attended programs help educate attendees on the local animals and areas. Some of the previous popular hot topics in the program include owls, bears and eagles as well as The Big South Fork and “Be a Jr Ranger”. We have also hosted Kids Day which included the State and National Parks along with TWRA exhibits. TWRA brought out live snakes, owls, and an entire animal exhibit as well as information on canoeing and rock climbing. 

The Visitor Center is open 7 days a week from 8:30-4:30 cst.
176 River Otter Drive Crossville, TN 38555
(931) 787-1755

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